Buying in Columbia MO

""When I started the process in Columbia I was actually working multiple national markets concurrently and was working with in excess of 50 realtors. Columbia was in my top 3 markets and in turn I started working with over 10 realtors in this market. You have literally out matched all of your competition, locally and nationally. Your ability to utilize resources in your market is above and beyond what I have ever experienced with a realtor and I am confident that we will continue to do business together for a long time! Not to mention that because of you, I now have two unbelievable properties and incredible local investing relationships.

Form a trust and relationship standpoint. I believe that we both learned a great deal from the acquisition on [undisclosed property]. That said, you did an incredible job as the broker for both [the seller] and I, and I can’t image what I would have done without you. This transaction is a great representation of your personal integrity and I want you to know is that I recognize this and will recommend you based on this alone anytime! Good Job!

Moving forward, based on this experience and what I have come to learn about Columbia, I plan to further expand and move my portfolio out of Denver and into Columbia.

In summary and as I have said before, you are hands down the most competent, resourceful and (for lack of a better word) the Best realtor I have ever worked with.

I look forward to our future endeavors!""

- Emmett M, Columbia MO

Buying and Selling in Mid-MO

""We have worked with numerous agents on both sides of the real-estate transaction. None approaches the level of professionalism and intuitiveness that we experienced with Jennifer. She was our guide in both buying and selling a home and did so with knowledge, grace, and a strong commitment to our best interests. Although we have worked with numerous agents, we recommend Jennifer without reservation and with a high level of enthusiasm we cannot extend in good conscience to anyone else. She is inherently a decent human being and we have no doubt that she will honestly and competently serve you at no less a degree than she did us.""

- John and Judith Mabary, Hallsville MO

Buying and Selling in Columbia

""Jen has been a godsend for us, both in the purchase of our first home as well as the current transactions - the sale of that home and purchase of our new one!! She has worked around the clock, remaining available at all times for questions, concerns, venting of frustrations, support, and assistance. She has also gone to bat for us in negotiations assuring our best interests are represented. At no time did we ever have concerns about Jen's integrity, determination, follow-through, or dedication to helping us achieve our goals. Her steadfast support and guidance got us through several challenges and helped to calm our nerves during the inherently unnerving home buying and selling processes. Jen feels like family to us... and really, she is. She played a huge role in helping us land in the home of our dreams - the home our child will grow up in. Jen will always hold a special place in that experience for us, helping bring our dreams to life! Thank you, Jennifer Dick!!! You rock!!!""

- Joe Kingsbury, Columbia MO

Buying in Columbia

""Jennifer was just perfect. I probably wasn't the easiest customer - looking for houses remotely and I wanted to see houses ALL OVER THE PLACE. She never seemed annoyed or bothered by my many needs and was always willing to help. She was very easy to talk to and spend time with - like shopping for houses with a friend. It was a pleasure to work with her - she was always available and made the whole process easy. I would recommend her to anyone. Can't wait to move into my dream home! ""

- Jacky Adelstein, Columbia MO

Buying in Columbia

""When I started my hunt to buy my first home there was never a doubt in my mind that I would use Jennifer Dick as my realtor. We've been friends for years, so why would I go with anyone else? Despite being friends, I don't think Jennifer treated me any differently than she would've treated a new client. Jennifer asked me questions to narrow down what I was looking for and responded quickly to any questions I had. She was more than willing to go look at houses I'd found and would forward any to me she thought I'd be interested in. She was available, sometimes at a moment's notice to go look at houses and was she on top of the new listings! I think my house had been listed less than 30 minutes before we had a viewing scheduled. She even went and helped me pick out carpeting to go into my new home! And I know she'd do the same for you if you had that option. Jennifer made a potentially scary process-1st time homebuying- so simple and easy. I would recommend her even if we weren't friends. She's the best.""

- Sarah H., Columbia MO

Selling in Columbia

""Jennifer was an outstanding sales associate. I really enjoyed working with her.""

- Mark, Columbia MO

Buying in Columbia MO

"Jen was wonderful to work with. She was an excellent advocate and knowledgeable resource. Very supportive and helpful. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Columbia!"

- Toby, Columbia MO

Selling in Columbia

""We couldn't have asked for a better broker than Jen. She is knowledgeable, available, patient and an amazing advocate for her clients. We dont plan to move again anytime soon, but if we did, we would most definitely work with Jen!""

- Toby and Albino, Columbia MO

Selling in Fulton

""Jennifer has this super personal approach that just made us feel comfortable thru the whole process.""

- K Alderman, Fulton MO